Toys for Curbing Screen Time

Finding toys for your kids can be challenging when you’re competing with a Smartphone or tablet. Here are some recommendations, based on age and development, that help with the challenge: 

Wooden Puzzle Shape Sorter

1-2 years

Children at this age are learning about their surroundings through exploration. Find toys that they can analyze and tinker with to promote cognitive, fine, and visual perceptual/motor development.

Wooden Puzzle Shape Sorter

Self-Correcting Animal Matching Puzzles

2-3 years

By this time, children are developing their own personality as they undergo emotional and cognitive changes. They begin to model their parents’ behaviors and actions. They can discriminate sizes and link learned experiences. Their brain is like a sponge, so look for toys that encourage basic learning fundamentals: letters, numbers, shapes, colors, animals and objects. 

Self-Correcting Animal Matching Puzzles

The Sneaky Squirrel Game

3-5 years

This is the age where children learn to interact with peers and other adults aside from their own parents. They start to recall information, motor-plan, follow simple instructions, and create novel ideas. Search for toys or games that focus on social skills, challenge their mental skills, or test their fine and visual motor precision. 

The Sneaky Snacky Squirrel Game

6+ years

Kids at this age continue to learn new information and begin actively applying it to their lives. They are able to complete their daily routines independently (or with very little assistance), help around the house, and participate with peers in group activities. Find games that incorporate teamwork and can also challenge mental strategy and problem-solving. 

Uno Card Game

For other toy and game ideas, visit the Child(ish) Advice Pinterest Page.

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