Gift Guide 2021: Preschool/Elementary Kids (4+)

If you ever notice the toy description in this age range, no one cares about whether its educational or developmental. It’s all about how entertaining and fun it is to play with. We’re here to say that some of these exciting toys can still provide advantages to enhancing your kid’s growth.

Here’s our top choices for children 4 and up.

Marble Genius Marble Run Super Set

Why we love it:
This open-ended toy promotes your kid’s STEM mind and creativity, applying physics and trial and error to get the ball from point A to point B. Putting parts together also encourages bilateral coordination and fine motor skills, building hand and finger strength/dexterity. What makes this one stand out from all the rest?

  1. Compatible with all other Marble Genius Marble Runs and Marble Maze games
  2. Can add additional action-filled accessory lights and sounds (like spinning wheels or space sounds)
  3. If your kid needs some construction inspiration or guidance, a free app is available to download for interactive instructions and building challenges.

Thinkfun Rush Hour Travel Board Game

Why we love it:
This sliding block logic game is jam-packed with development. It contains 40 challenge cards from beginner to expert (with solutions, in case you get stuck), providing opportunities to work on problem-solving and visual motor skills, attention, and patience. Additionally, setting up the cars/trucks on the grid promote visual perception, motor planning, and fine motor skills.

Connect 4 Shots Game

Why we love it:
Rather than sitting and dropping coins into a slot (which is great btw for fine motor skills midline orientation), this version is asking your kids to bounce balls into the grid to get four in a row. You can take turns like the traditional game, or let the chaos ensue tossing balls in simultaneously. The game encourages gross motor skills (specifically shoulder strength/stability), motor control and planning, as well as hand-eye coordination. Also, because the game itself is rather competitive, it offers many chances to hone in on emotional regulation and social skills.  

Bop It! Game

Why we love it:
Sure, this classic electronic game tests your reaction time, but what makes it unique from all the rest is that this game is interactive with fine motor actions. The game is handheld, requiring the use of both hands, encouraging bilateral coordination and midline orientation. The auditory commands challenge your kid’s attention and listening skills while performing fine motor movements (bop, twist, pull) upon its request. It can be played solo or with others, fostering resilience alone or cooperation together.

Hungry Hungry Hippos Launchers Game

Why we love it:
Appears that some of our beloved childhood games are getting a face-lift and we’re all here for it. This version of Hungry Hungry Hippos isn’t so much about button mashing but to accurately launch five “watermelons” into their hippo’s mouth to win. It’s all about timing, patience, and fine motor skills. If your kid is getting frustrated, the game has beginner and expert level modes of play.

Stocking Stuffers
Kids this age have a greater attention span. Games with instructions or order of play are great challenges and are good options for playdates or family game night.

Lego Creator Holiday Tree Building Kit
Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza Card Game
Quick Pucks, Pattern Matching On-The-Go Puzzle Game
Lego Dots Music Bracelet DIY Craft Bracelet Kit

All of the linked items can also be found on our Child(ish) Advice Holiday Gift Guide Amazon List.
We do not receive a commission through these links. We’re just really big fans!

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