Child(ish) Reads: I Left My Homework in the Hamptons

“There is a commonality among all parents, riven with fear, wanting something better for our children and not knowing how to go about getting it.”

I decided to switch up our usual Childish Reads. Most of the books I choose are on child or parenting development, but this book covers a completely different age group and parent demographic.

I Left My Homework in the Hamptons: What I Learned Teaching the Children of the One Percent by Blythe Grossberg

I Left My Homework is a collection of personal stories and lessons from a former tutor of the children of the 1%. We’re covering not just high schoolers but those from super-rich families. What can their experiences empirically tell us about parenting and how our best intentions can sometimes create the perfect stress storm for our kids.

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Holiday Gift Guide 2022: Things Patti Would Love

Mary and I took our kids to one of the bigger town centers a couple weeks ago for a trick-or-treat event. As we went from shop to shop, hauling our brood, all we could think was “Damn, that’s cute. I wanna go shopping…”.

So it’s a nice little departure to think about things I would want for the holiday. And to be honest, it’s taking a lot of will power not to just buy all these for myself right now.

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1,000 Hours Outside: Progress Report

As of 10/23/22: 191 Hours, 50 minutes
Monthly average: 26 Hours, 15 minutes

My family started our #1000hoursoutside challenge at the end of April. At the time, our girls were just out of pre-school for the summer.

Six months later, we are in Pre-K at our bigger elementary school with set start and dismissal times. Our weekly hours took a huge cut because TBH, there are only so many hours in a day. Which brings me to a close reading of what this challenge actually entails.

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