The Two Sides of Sleep: Part 2

Eat. Poop. Play. Sleep. Repeat.
That may be your baby’s routine for their first year of life, but as they age, that schedule (and their sleep) become much more complex. The internet is filled with suggestions to ease your kiddo to sleep, but today we’re investigating two things that can affect toddler sleep: melatonin and co-sleeping.

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Course Notes: Sleep Strategies

In Tuesday’s post, we explained that sleep is essential. We can’t function without it. We know this already, but it’s way easier said than done, especially when it comes to our kids. But here’s the thing… Sleep is just as important as personal hygiene. You wouldn’t skip a shower (for too long) or stop brushing your teeth regularly. Ergo, the term sleep hygiene.  

Sleep hygiene is a series of behaviors and environmental setups that focus on improving the quality and quantity of sleep. As your child ages, these habits may change and evolve.

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Course Notes: Sleep

We’re back with another Course Notes mini-series.

I recently took a Continuing Ed course called The Sensory and Sleep Connection. Although we know that sleep is an important component to our general well-being, it is frequently overlooked when it comes to our physical, emotional, and mental health. We’ve all experienced a lack of sleep (remember the newborn days?) and the feeling when we are trying to function without it; but imagine how our kids are doing, especially when they’re still growing. It made me want to investigate the occupation of sleep (yes, sleep is an occupation) and why we all need to get some good shut-eye.

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