Holiday Gift Guide 2022: 4+ years

Kids grow up so fast and the gifting selections out there reflect that as they reach school-age.

For early school-age kids, executive functions are steadily maturing and they can focus and recall information more efficiently. They seek to play with others, continuously refining their social skills and looking for friendly competition.

Honestly, there are so many options out there for this age group that it can be difficult figuring out what gifts are both beneficial to your child’s development (because yes, they’re still growing and learning), and will also be enjoyed for the long haul.

Here’s our top picks for 2022 for 4 and up.

Balance Stacking Dinosaur Blocks

Why We Love It:
Your kiddo has probably mastered the art of stacking blocks, but what about stacking and balancing them all at once? Serving as a nice transition into more challenging activities, these wooden dino blocks help cultivate attention, problem solving, patience, and persistence. The balancing challenge also foster the refinement of fine and visual motor skills. These open-ended blocks can also be used for independent play and creativity.

Outfoxed! Board Game

Why We Love It:
If you love the game Clue but think it’s a bit over your kid’s head, try this one out instead. This co-op whodunit game has players moving around the board to find clues, investigate suspects, and gain potential leads to solve the mystery using a special evidence scanner. This game promotes social skills and helps your kid exercise observational and deductive reasoning skills. To ensure gameplay moves efficiently, you must figure out the culprit before they escape.

Dueling Rockets

Why We Love It:
Kids like to run, jump, and definitely stomp. Time to put their energy to good use with this dueling rocket launcher. This toy allows two kids to shoot foam projectiles at the same time to see whose goes higher (up to 200ft in the air). Its cause-and-effect nature allows for observation and experimentation (very STEM). Not only does the constant stomping and jumping to set these rockets in the sky help build strength and stability in their trunk and lower extremities but can also release some excess energy in the name of science. 

Fat Brain Toys: Curve Bowl

Why We Love It:
Here’s an interesting take on a retro pastime. This bowling skills challenge involves hitting one pin while evading obstacles. Sounds easy, but the ball is weighted and wobbly. This game promotes hand-eye coordination, concentration, problem-solving, critical thinking, and creativity. Although it includes ten challenge cards, your kid can create their own obstacles. When they are done playing, all its components fit neatly inside the ball which makes it a fun option to take anywhere.

LEGO Chain Reactions

Why We Love It:
LEGOs are great on their own but when they’re used to make machines, it’s a whole new ball game. This physics kit utilizes ten different machines that spin, swing, pivot, roll, lift, and drop that all function independently. But they can also interact together to create chain reactions (very Rube Goldberg). All your child needs is a pile of their own LEGO pieces. If you don’t have the right bricks handy as instructed, they provide brick substitutions and suggestions on how to fix common problems. This kit promotes STEM thinking, helps build fine and visual motor skills, and flexes creativity and imagination.

Stocking Stuffers:
In addition to these fun activity games, also think about gift cards, toiletries, new socks and underwear, kid nail polish, and school supply refills for stockings.

Melissa & Doug Decorate-Your-Own Wooden Race Car and Monster Truck Craft Kits Set
YoYa Toys Liquid Motion Bubbler Pens (3 Pack)
Flipslide Electronic Handheld Game
Bananagrams Duel
Skillmatics Train of Thought Card Game

Also if it’s possible, spread the wealth and don’t forget small gifts for your kids’ teachers, babysitters, therapists and bus drivers. So many people are in your kids’ lives at this age. Get your kids involved and ask them what they think would be good gifts for people that make up your village.

All of the linked items can also be found on our Child(ish) Advice Holiday Gift Guide Amazon List.
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