Balancing Act: Soccer Edition

Postural Control activities are exactly what you’d think. You’re testing balance and body control. Not always easy for a toddler or school-aged kid.

In Growing an In-Sync Child, the balance activities include stability balls or challenging yoga-ish poses. For this week, since the girls have started Kiddie Kickers soccer, I brought in their beloved soccer balls and cleats to make the activity a little more fun. Check out the video.

As you can tell, A got a little frustrated. Don’t underestimate a little kid’s abilities. Sometimes they get it right like it’s second nature. Other times they can be distracted, uninterested, or just confused on what you’re asking them to do.

At one point, A started crying out that she couldn’t do it, even though she had done it previously. Keep in mind that these exercises are just that: exercises. While sometimes they can be fun, they will also test your child’s focus, strength, and coordination.

Other exercises we tried with the soccer ball include doing a bird dog pose with one hand on the ball, doing a half and full plank on the soccer ball (yeah, a little too crazy there), and alternating tapping the ball with their feet.

These lasted a good 1-2 minutes each, so don’t try to over do it unless your kid is really into it. Try one or two drills here and there before they get the hang of it.

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