Balancing Act: All About Postural Control

“Stand tall. Sit upright. Shoulders back, tuck your bottom…”

While your grandparents might want you to be prim and proper, posture is much more involved than just how you look. How we sit, stand, or maintain any upright position without support requires postural control. We do this daily without much thought or effort so that we can use our energy and focus on more complicated tasks. But for some, especially kids, just sitting in a chair without falling is a challenge. It may not seem like a big deal, but almost activity we do requires sustaining an upright position against gravity.

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Playing in Prone: Superman Activities for All

Tummy Time for babies is a basic building block to prone extension for children and adults. 

What is that? Prone extension (aka the Superman) is when you lay on your stomach and lift your arms and legs straight off the ground. 

This position helps with balance, attention, and coordination. It’s also a good indicator if your child has postural control issues. 

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