Motor Planning: Animal Dice

To find this week’s Motor Planning activity, in addition to the activities in Growing an In-Sync Child, I also browsed activities on Pinterest.

Lots of themed yoga, obstacle courses; things designed to get your kid’s body into different shapes. But what to pick when it seems like your kid’s attention span is particularly short?

Then, a beautiful epiphany! A couple months ago, I found these animal dice in the Target dollar section. A perfect solution for some toddlers that can do exactly three yoga poses before deciding that they’d rather do their own thing.

We had Z look at all the different animals on each side of the die. We imitated the crab walk, a flamingo standing on one leg, a duck waddle, frog jumps, bird flaps, and sloth arms. Once she got interested in copying us and making animal sounds, we showed her how to roll the dice. Apologies in advance if this starts her on a dice addiction in a few years. Check out the video!

Looking for some other quick motor planning games?
Try Simon Says, Charades, basic exercise warm ups, or anything you might do at an elementary school field day.

We also have some new #motorplanning activities on the Child(ish) Advice Tiktok and IG.

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