The Quick, Long List of Chores by Age

Unsure what household responsibilities your child is ready for?
Here’s a list of tasks of what they can do, based on age and development. 

2-3 Years

At this age, your child is learning how to use their body efficiently. They are exploring movement with purpose and beginning to polish their fine motor hand skills. They are also cultivating a sense of independence, developing new skills and different ways to problem solve, and acquiring an extensive vocabulary. They can follow simple directions and verbally communicate with others. When introducing chores, be clear about where things go and why we do them.

4-5 Years

Around this age, your child’s coordination has improved, allowing them to complete activities with precision and refinement. They can follow 2-3 step instructions and are thinking “outside the box” in the sense of abstract ideas, planning, and determining potential consequences. This allows them to understand complex concepts such as “right and wrong” or “good or bad.” When giving tasks, express that it’s “a good choice” to help around the house or that it is unfair if others are doing chores and they aren’t. 

6-9 Years

At this age, your child can take more responsibility without supervision. They can learn complex and challenging tasks; however, as they develop their own sense of self, they may “rebel” against chores. Be supportive and try to make chores fun with music, positive affirmations, and Thank You’s.

10-13 Years

By now, your kid can do chores on their own and can be held fully accountable without frequent verbal reminders. However, they may be more efficient with a weekly chores chart, helping teach autonomy and responsibility when no one is looking. 

14+ Years

Your child is now a teen in high school, which means that can do pretty much any household chore. Be sure you instruct them on how to safely use equipment first, like the lawn mower, kitchen appliances, sharp knives, or any electrical tools.

Are there any chores your children do? Share your child(ish) advice in the comments on how you get your child to help around the house. 

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