The Quick, Long List of Bare Feet Activities

Aside from walking around in with naked feet, here are some easy at-home activities for active feet!

  • Make “paw prints”
    • Cover their hands and feet with cornstarch. You can also use flour or washable paint as well.  
    • They can move around like different animals, like a dog, cat, bear, or bunny. Do this outside on the deck or indoors on paper or a dark mat
  • Go Skating 
    • Cover a tarp or plastic sheet with shaving cream or soapy water, and have them glide and hold their balance
  • The Floor is Lava 
    • Play in the house with different textures and materials on the floor as “safe spaces”, like pillows, towels, textured blankets, cardboard boxes, or bubble wrap.
  • Scavenger hunt in the backyard with bare feet
    • Look for acorns, sticks, different kinds of leaves, rocks. If they are up for it, look for worms and other insects in the dirt. Just be sure to wash hands and feet before you come back inside. 
  • Pop bubbles with their feet (Make sure the ground is wet so the bubbles stick.) 
  • Make a dry sensory bin
    • Fill shoe boxes with different textured items and have your kid step into each one 
    • Examples: buttons, cotton balls, yarn, rice, beans, paper, pom poms, packing peanuts
  • Make a wet sensory bin
    • Use a plastic bin, warm water and small objects, like marbles, smooth rocks, or action figures
    • Have your child use only their feet and toes to pick up the objects out of the water

For more activities, check out our Activities list and the Child(ish) Advice Pinterest page

Kranowitz, C.S. (2006). The Out-of-Sync Child has Fun: Activities for Kids with Sensory Processing Disorders.

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