Child(ish) Reads: Podcast Playlist

This month, we’re sharing a couple podcast episodes we thought we’re particularly helpful. Plus, there’s only so many parenting books you can read before they all start getting repetitive.

  1. Practical Tools for Tricky Toddler Transitions With Renowned Psychologist and Best Selling Author Dr. Tina Payne Bryson. Raising Good Humans, S2 Ep 21.
    Dr. Bryson is the co-author of one of our favorites, The Whole-Brain Child. In this episode, she’s doing a Q&A with podcaster Dr. Aliza Pressman. We love that she has so many relatable stories about parenthood and practically applying child development research, especially when toddlers are navigating social skills.

  2. Unleashing The Power of Play With Play with Professor Peter Gray. Raising Good Humans S2 Ep 20.
    I liked this episode because it talks frankly about kids and play. It gives a great perspective about structured/unstructured play and how it has changed since our parents were shooing us out of the house. It also has a great segment on rough-housing for the dads.

  3. Using The Whole Pumpkin (& The Whole Apple), Sustainable Minimalists, September 30, 2021.
    Of course, I was going to throw in a Halloween-esque episode. Now that we’ve all gone to the pumpkin patch and our kids have picked out 10 different pumpkins to bring home, what are you gonna do with them?

    Personally, I like bringing our leftover pumpkins out to the woods/backyard for the deer and squirrels (at least someone is enjoying gourds for more than just decoration), but the episode also has cooking ideas and composting suggestions.

  4. The Importance of Being Little | Bestselling Author Erika Christakis. Atomic Moms, September 28, 2016.
    This is the next book on our Child(ish) Reads TBR pile, but here’s a quick preview of the content. It speaks about nurturing your child’s curiosity to help them develop problem-solving and learning skills. Also, it makes us take a step back and stop trying to turn our kids into little adults.

We hope you like these podcast episodes and add them to your weekly listen.

Let us know what you think and have a great Halloween weekend!

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