Patti’s New Year’s Resolutions

Mary and I were in Las Vegas in February 2019 when she told me she wanted to start an OT blog. We talked about content and social media, and how the blog would combine her love of science with her training and with modern parenting. By November, she was ready to pull the trigger. 

I was happy to join her on the project behind the scenes, but becoming a contributor in July has been an awesome collaboration. I knew I approached parenting in a different way, but this blog has helped me explore how being a good parent also helps me be a stronger partner and a better role model for my kids. 

My twins are now 2 1/2, and we are deep in the toddler stage. Potty training is halfway done, we’re looking at preschools for next fall, and the girls want more and more independence by the day. Whenever I think we’re getting the hang of this parenting thing, they continue to surprise us and the game changes. 

So for my New Year’s Resolutions, I want to keep the boat steady but still create a beautiful life for my kids. 

  1. Quiet time – For the last three months, I’ve been trying to figure out what my triggers are as a parent, and the #1 culprit is Noise. I can handle volume and incessant questions and my email notifications going off. But when it all creates a cacophony and I cannot focus, I have to take a step back or else I will have a total, get-away-from-me breakdown.

    Whether it’s spending more time outside or alone in my room, I need to build in a block of time where my ears and brain can rest. If noise doesn’t affect you as much, that’s cool; but definitely reflect on what your parenting triggers might be and how you can prevent them.
  2. Going Minimalist – One of my favorite podcasts is Sustainable Minimalists. Every week, you get a quick 30-minute episode on realistic things you can do to either be more minimalist and/or more eco-conscious. This year will be a big year for us as we are about to start looking for a new home. So, I’m taking a lot of minimalism cues as we’re decluttering and cleaning house. It’s already made a huge impact on the holidays. We asked for experience gifts rather than toys for the girls. I’ve been doing most of their shopping through consignment stores, and already our home is more open and easier to tidy up. If you’ve been thinking about decluttering (along with the rest of the Home Edit/Spark Joy crowd), definitely go for it. One of my favorite lines from the podcast is, “Declutter just enough to make your life easier”.
  1. This is Me Trying – One of the big things with Child(ish) Advice is that we’re not telling you how to be the perfect, #1 best parent in the world. We don’t even fancy ourselves to be perfect parents. But from my experience and all these Child(ish) Reads, I think one of the traits of a good parent is just the act of trying to be a better parent. No one knows the secret to parenting. Most people don’t do any intense child development training before becoming parents. But just simply reading an article or a book on how to make life better for my kids shows that I’m trying to be better. I’m seeking the education and taking an active role in my parenting. Just reading this blog shows that you want to change from the status quo. Keep it up and keep trying! I have a huge To Be Read pile to share with you.
  2. Making Memories – This summer we took the girls to the beach for the first time. It was our first trip after months of pandemic living, and their first actual vacation. I know their long-term memories are going to start kicking in and I have a long list of things I want to share with them. Pre-pandemic, I think it was easy to procrastinate and just keep the kids busy. Now I want to shift the mindset into creating memories; whether it’s playing in the snow, or hitting the trails, or decorating their new bedroom. They say with kids that the days are long, but the years go by fast. Take advantage of the time and fill the days with memories that last.

As trite as it seems, I love resolutions. I love any opportunity to start a new challenge or turn a new page. Hope you all had an amazing holiday and are ready to start a new year with us!

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