Patti’s New Year’s Resolutions

Mary and I were in Las Vegas in February 2019 when she told me she wanted to start an OT blog. We talked about content and social media, and how the blog would combine her love of science with her training and with modern parenting. By November, she was ready to pull the trigger. 

I was happy to join her on the project behind the scenes, but becoming a contributor in July has been an awesome collaboration. I knew I approached parenting in a different way, but this blog has helped me explore how being a good parent also helps me be a stronger partner and a better role model for my kids. 

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Mary’s New Year’s Resolutions

It’s been roughly 365 days since we launched Child(ish) Advice and I must say how thankful I am to all of you who have read our content, shared your stories, and sent us support and love. I didn’t think sharing my OT knowledge would make such an impact, but I am so happy it did.

As Child(ish) Advice expands into other areas of child development and parenting, we are happy know that our “advice” has helped you and your families, and we hope to continue to put out useful, meaningful content.

With that said, the new year has us contemplating our goals and aspirations as parents. As we research and write, we can’t help but reflect on the kind of parents we want to be. This past year, I have learned what works and what doesn’t for my kids, as well as what sounds great on paper but doesn’t exactly translate well into practice. For me to be a better parent, I have to do better for myself.

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