You’re Re-Mark-able! A Super Simple Valentine’s Day Card Activity

You're Re-Mark-able! Valentine Activity

For Valentine’s Day, we send our family members greeting cards since they live far away. Rather than just send them a signed card, we have our son, A, put his personal touch in them with drawings and stickers. They enjoy it as they get to see his pre-writing skills improve as he grows. Try out this super simple activity too with your little ones.


  • Valentine’s Day Greeting Cards
  • Markers, crayons, or pens
  • Optional: Stickers or stamps

What to do:

  • Open the greeting card and allow your child to draw, scribble, decorate, or even write on the blank side of the card. 
  • Allow them to be creative and don’t attempt to interfere with or influence their drawings. They are creating something thoughtful to their family members. Instead, encourage them to tell you what they are drawing. 
    • A told us he was drawing a bear in one, “something” in another, and then houses and leaves in the last one. 
  • Once they are complete, see if they can write their name at the bottom of their masterpiece. 
  • Once done, sign, seal, and deliver it! 

This activity can take anywhere between 5-20 minutes, depending on how many cards you are sending out. A had done 3, all with different styles in them. 

A's Valentine Cards

For more activities, check out the Child(ish) Advice Pinterest Page!

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