Patti’s Favorite Posts: 2022

It’s December and we’re closing out our third year of Childish Advice. We’ve seen a lot of growth in our material and it very much reflects our own personal growth through the last three years of parenting. So we’d like to share our favorite posts of 2022. 

For me, a 2022 post that sticks out the most is our Child(ish) Reads review of The Most Important Year: Pre-Kindergarten and the Future of Our Children.

As you could tell from our back-to-school posts, I had a bit of anxiety with my girls starting pre-K in August. When Troy and I were looking at houses both last year and in 2013, quality schools were a big factor in where we chose to live. But now we’re actually living it. 

In the last semester, we’ve gone to curriculum night, fall festivals and book festivals, and I built a pretty supportive relationship with my girls’ teachers. I jump at the chance to restock them with supplies or snacks, make face-to-face contact when I can, and I’m very excited to have our first parent-teacher conferences next week.

What I took from The Most Important Year was that engaged parents make a huge difference when it comes to their kid’s educational experience, and I’m not referring to helicopter parenting. While it may seem that there isn’t much parents can do in regards to the school you’re zoned in or the curriculum that students get taught, it turns out that a supportive parent network can elevate a school community. 

I’ve seen a ton of growth in my girls and I’m happy that these teachers are setting the tone for their entire educational experience. I hope you like this 2022 revisit. 


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