Child(ish) Reads: Podcast Playlist

Lots of podcast action in rotation this winter. With many hosts on break for the holidays, I got to go through a backlog of episodes and found a couple new parenting podcasters to follow.

We talked about Eve Rodsky’s previous book, Fair Play, in one of our first Child(ish) Reads. But in this podcast episode, she’s talking about her new book, Find Your Unicorn Space. Yes, I think it’s a cheesy term, but it does speak to your personal gifts and talents that you don’t usually consider as “self-care”. Whether you consider yourself a “creative” or not, the episode is a good call to moms to start making time for themselves and reinvigorating other parts of their lives.

The 1000 Hours Outside challenge started as an attempt to match time in nature with screen time. Mary and I had mentioned it in previous posts about getting your kids outside, but the creators of the project have since expanded into a website, IG account, and a paid app to help families stay on track and outside. Unofficially, I’m starting my family’s challenge on May 1st once their summer starts. So, this podcast is giving me some great ideas and food for thought. We also are planning a 1000 Hours Revisited post for May.

Of course, I’m gonna slip in a minimalist/eco-friendly episode. This one is on kids birthday parties and what parents can do to stop the cycle of crap that comes with them. This includes goody bag alternatives, going present-free or present-lite, saving money, and taking small steps to stop crazy consumerism.

Katie Lowes is a popular actress from Scandal and Inventing Anna. So it’s no surprise that her parenting podcast is carried on Shonda Rhimes’ production network. I like that Katie’s guests and stories are extremely relatable and funny, so I’ve just been binge listening during the work day.

For this post, we also wanted to spotlight a couple of Instagrammers that we’ve been appreciating as well. Check out these IG accounts and give them a follow:

Yes, we are already total Emily Oster fangirls. She recently pivoted to IG and does daily/weekly Q&A stories that are informative, helpful, and are the just right amount of time.

This is a great account if you’re looking for answers on rolling, crawling, and walking. It’s also a good mix of videos and infographics.

Run by a psychotherapist, this account is all about helping parents understand and navigate their child’s emotions/behaviors and providing ways to best respond to them.

Focuses on supporting fellow dads to become better fathers and spouses through self-growth, mindfulness, and community. Even though it is geared towards men, it discusses some interesting topics about parenting.

Lots of infographics and videos, covering the gamut of many concerns parents face, like our kid’s attention or aggression.

Although this account is centered around school OTs, it has lots of simple fine motor activities that you can do at home.

We’re also loving this reel from @recklesslyalive on different types of self-care.

Have any podcasts or social accounts you like to follow? Share in the comments.
Have a great weekend everyone!

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