Things We Loved: Rhea Lana

Last week, Child(ish) Advice was chosen to be a social media Mombassador for our local Rhea Lana consignment sale. Mary and I look forward to this every season and for the last sale, we even shared some of our consignment tips with you on Instagram.

So since this week’s sale is a very special one for us, we’re doing a whole Things We Love post on why we love consignment shopping with RL.

  1. All last year we talked about minimalism and decluttering. Consignment shopping one-ups that because you’re adding a sustainability factor.

With Rhea Lana, I have been a three-time consignor. For my first consignment, I actually consigned almost 200 items because that’s how many sets of clothes the girls went through in their first year and a half. It definitely took me a bit of time and organization but I was able to make a considerable amount of money off of clothes that we weren’t going to wear again. So next time you go through spring cleaning, gather together all of your kid stuff (clothes, toys, furniture, equipment, maternity clothes) because all of that can be resold to another mom looking to outfit their family. Plus, the money I made from consigning went directly to their new (to them) purchases.

2. Eco-friendly

To tag onto the de-clutter factor, buying clothes secondhand helps extend the life of all of these kid products. We like how a number of outlets are fully embracing thrift shopping and buying secondhand, like Thread Up and Poshmark. But when it comes to kids’ clothes, a lot of what you’ll find has only been worn once or sometimes not at all. Kids grow so fast that rarely do they wear an outfit or use a toy to its full potential. By buying resale, you are preventing all of that stuff from ending up in a landfill. You’re also cutting down on full-price purchases, saving the water and energy for producing those new items, and the money you use to buy consignment goes to back to real families, not retailers.

3. Our first two points were mainly about clothes but you can find so many toys and games, especially OT-friendly ones, on consignment as well.

Things like puzzles and board games, activity gyms, blocks, tactile toys, and play mats can be found gently used or in like-new condition. So before you hit the sale, look at those development milestones and see what your kid could use for more sensory integration and brain development

4. This is a great event for new and expecting moms.

I’m pretty sure I went three times while I was pregnant. Putting together a nursery, especially when you’re expecting twins, can be a tall order. But with the exception of a few key pieces, everything else can really be found secondhand. This can help your budget go a long way. I really appreciated that Rhea Lana had a special time for new moms to browse since I didn’t have any other friends or family members who had baby equipment to hand down.

5. A Pre-Sale ticket gets in 2 people!

Yes, Mary and I usually go and split the price of one pre-sale ticket, and it is absolutely worth it. The Rhea Lana sale is a full week, but if you are looking for specific, name-brand items, then get there early because they go fast. Keep in mind, it not just other parents that shop consignment. Daycare owners, kids resale owners, and teachers also will be looking for deals. So trust us when we say the sooner, the better. Get your presale ticket here

A few other tips to remember before you go:

  • Being your own bags. This is where you put all those reusable tote bags to good use.
  • If you are looking for a bigger/oversized item (like a stroller, crib, Mamaroo, etc), find that first thing. RL associates will put your name on it to reserve it, and you can pick it up after checkout.
  • Go through books last. Books are heavy.
  • Have your kids’ clothes and shoe sizes handy, especially if you’re looking to size up.
  • Before you check out, find space to sort your items. It’s really easy to just toss items in your bag because it’s such a good deal. Find a corner to lay out your items and do some spark-joy reviewing. I have definitely bought doubles of things accidentally.

Any other consignment shopping tips to share? Leave them in the comments.

With that, we are excited to shop this Friday morning at Rhea Lana’s of North Atlanta. Check out their national website for Rhea Lana sales in your area.

See you there!
~Mary & Patti

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