In Summer

What a crazy past 6 months it’s been!

As we take the month of June off, we’ll be planning new content as well as revamping our website and social media.

Here’s Mary’s summer game plan:

  • Spending time with the kids
    A is out of school, so I plan on taking him and his sisters many places this summer…even if it’s just to a different playground. We’ll be visiting my family in Florida soon, so it’ll be exciting to show the girls the beach for the first time.
  • Experiments Cometh
    A is at an age where his attention and curiosity are leading him to tinker around with tools and objects, explore nature, and question the science of things. We’re planning to do a lot of science experiments with him, so I see a Mentos and Coca-Cola TikTok in our immediate future.  
  • Making a Great Escape
    As parents, we all need to get away from our kids every now and then, just to appreciate them more than we already do 🙂 . I’m so thankful that my husband and I have made arrangements to take a couple days for ourselves next month. It gives us an opportunity to reset and spend some much-needed time with each other.
  • Continuing Ed
    Continuing education is necessary to maintain my OT licensure. I have a few courses to complete in the month of June and am looking forward to sharing new knowledge with you all in the upcoming months.
  • “Hot Girl Summer” 
    Does it sound like we’re trying too hard? I’m adding some additional self-care to the routine: working out (because I like it), reading, being social with friends (following CDC guidelines, of course), and doing what I love, which is sharing parenting and child developmental resources to all of you.

On Patti’s side:

  • We moved!!
    Troy and I moved into our new home this week, so we are (slowly) putting it together and making spaces for the girls and for ourselves. I’m looking at different ways to design reading nooks, sleeping arrangements, and other things to help them grow into our new house and routine.
  • Splash Down
    A&Z just started swim lessons, so we’re putting them to the test with trips to the lake, the beach, and our local splashpad.
  • School is in Session
    Our girls are also starting part-time PreK2 this summer. It’s their first time in a school/daycare setting, so we’re excited for them to meet new friends and their new teachers. We picked a great school and I’m watching them eagerly.
  • TBR
    At our new house, I have my own office where I can finally display all of my books (20 boxes, but who’s counting?). I have a bit of a backlog to be read, plus there are also some great new parenting titles coming out this summer. Get ready for those reviews later this summer.
  • Something New
    Whenever we think the girls are in a rut or bored, I say “Let’s try something new”. This time, I think I have been in a little bit of rut professionally. I’ve bookmarked some new Skillshare Classes and am experimenting with some new photography and blog apps to help grow Child(ish) Advice. We’re so happy that what started as a little blog conversation has grown so much over the past 18 months, and we want to keep bringing it.

Have a wonderful summer everyone and we’ll see you in July with brand new content!

Mary & Patti

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