2020 – The Year of the Alternative Summer

2020: The Year of the Alternative Summer

After three months of online school and at-home daycare, we finally get to have a summer vacation! However, we’re all a bit uncertain, since many of us are still working at home, not traveling, and many summer camps are delaying opening. That leaves June and parts of July and August with not much to do. To avoid couch potatoes and the too many “I’m so bored” complaints this summer, here’s some alternatives:

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Jump in with H2O

Jump in with H20: Water Play in Child Development

Water is one of the most basic raw materials for play. It’s readily available, open-ended, and developmentally appropriate. There is no right or wrong way to engage in it. Water can spark curiosity, imagination, and experimentation.

So, when it’s 80 degrees this summer and your kids want to get out, throw on their swimsuits and SPF because we’re going for a dip.

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