Quick Update: Party of Five

On August 13th, our family of three gained two new members with the arrival of our twin daughters, H and K.

We are overjoyed to have these girls in our lives, but make no mistake, it has been exhausting these past couple of weeks. We’re learning the personalities of these babies, constantly changing up our routines, and acclimating our son A from being an only child to big brother.

Despite the fatigue, my husband and I are taking on these new parenting challenges in stride. I can’t stress enough how important teamwork has been with twins plus a toddler. Accepting help has been a big hurdle for me (as I’ve read it is for most Millennial Moms), and I am crazy thankful that we have an awesome village of friends and family that have sent us food or given us breaks so that we can feel decently human again.

Speaking of toddlers, A has been helping out with the baby duties, holding and interacting his sisters, and is in charge of bottles and burp cloths. Don’t get me wrong, he’s still adjusting to his new role, but it’s nice to see how much he cares and loves them more and more each day.

As for me, it’s been a huge adjustment to say the least. I have found how incredibly important it is to take care of yourself, especially following a C-section (major surgery!). I am definitely limited in what I can and can’t do, and it is beyond frustrating. Self-care has allowed me to reset day in and day out, something I admit I didn’t do as much after my first child.

In addition to napping and more napping, I’m in a serious relationship with Doordash, Netflix, Bravo, and taking extra-long showers (when I can remember to). It’s the energy recharge I need for enduring this round of new momhood…and it suspends reality for a quick minute.

So, to the new (and seasoned) parents out there, don’t forget to shower, eat decently, hydrate, get a bit of shut-eye, and take a moment for yourself every now and then.

Child(ish) Advice will be posting once a week for the next month, while we’re finding our new routine. I’m excited to share this new adventure with you, and thank you all for being great readers!

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