How To Survive Family Holidays

You know at the beginning of Home Alone, where they have all these people from three different branches of the family, stuck in one house right before a holiday flight? That’s how we always picture crazy Christmas. Loud yelling, no one knows what’s going on, the littlest kid drinking a ton of Pepsi and wetting the bed. Let’s not get started on dealing with Uncle Frank….

As much as we want to create a magical winter wonderland for our whole family, it can be one of the biggest challenges with younger kids in tow. The whole season just pulses with sensory overload, and sometimes extended family can be more of a bad influence than a helping hand. Whether you are traveling to see family or if family is traveling to see you, here are Mary and Patti’s tips for parents on surviving the holiday season.

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Little Hosts 101

Thanksgiving is the kickoff to the holiday season, which means family, food, and a bit of frenzy. It’s easy to get caught up in the madness, but a method to ease the chaos is recruiting your little ones to be your helpers.

Just like household chores, children observe in order to understand their environment. In turn, they pretend play, imitating the actions of what they see, including holiday tasks. Take this willingness as an opportunity for your kids to get involved, and even feel a little special. Our kids love to sit on the counter and watch us cook everyday dinner. Can you imagine if we were doing some super-fancy cooking for a party of their favorite family members?

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