Things We Loved: February

The beginning of the year always seems to be chaotic and boring at the same time. There’s always a certain amount of laziness when getting up in the morning. You’re out of the holiday season and looking for something to look forward to while you’re mucking through the crazy inconsistent winter weather. So here is a little Things We Loved to get us to the spring.

Mary’s Loves

Sensory Valentine
In our last post, we talked about the many ways to give your body the sensory needs it deserves. Here’s a list of some products that can help.

Road Trip
In November, we took a trip to see my parents in Florida. The highlights were visiting the Museum of Discovery & Science and this hidden gem called The Girls Strawberry Patch. What’s crazy is that their name doesn’t even explain how cool this place is. It’s an ice cream shop that leads out into this huge petting zoo and strawberry patch. Yeah, you need to see it to believe it.

Dogs are People, Too
Last month, I shared that we are fostering a Black Lab mix named Roxie. It’s been 3 months since she came into our lives and countless toys that have been destroyed in her wake. I’ve finally found some sturdy toys that have survived her playful wrath. The top three fave toys: the Joyhound Bite Shield, the Bark Super Chewer Glowball, and a Rope Tug.

Every weekend since the new year has been scheduled up with an event, a meetup, or a random project. In January, I got tickets to see Taylor Tomlinson as a birthday present. I’ve also booked Paramore, Dermot Kennedy, and the big one, the When We Were Young Festival in Las Vegas. Patti and I also went to Long Live: A Taylor Swift Inspired Dance Party since we (and apparently everyone else) couldn’t get Eras Tour tickets. Can’t lie, it was a surprisingly good time.

Consignment Find
For the kids, I also scored some fun consignment finds last week. I got Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles and Interlocking Sets for the girls, and this Reading Roundup Game for my kindergartener.

Patti’s Loves

I tend to make January my hard-core planning month. I’ll map out my year and fill in my calendar with appointments, trips, school breaks and personal goals. Last month, work took me to San Francisco and next month will be to New Orleans. We’re also planning new content for the blog and I’m getting ready for my 20th high school reunion. So here are the things that have stood out amongst all of this planning and prep.

When I was visiting my best friend last spring, she had this amazing, cozy Chappywrap blanket in her guest room. It was so nice that I’m making it my go-to special gift. I gave them as Christmas gifts last December and was met with rave reviews.

Painting Class
Our city Parks and Rec Department offers so many classes and sports for kids. Last fall when I was booking all of the girls activities, I found an adult painting class. I’m a pretty crafty person, but I’ve never taken a formal painting class outside of an occasional paint and sip. Today is my third class and while I’m definitely still a beginner, I’m pretty impressed with myself. It also gives me an excuse to visit Dick Blick art supply every couple weeks.

The Science of Well-Being
In my New Year’s resolutions, I shared that I had signed up for a free course on the science of happiness. Week to week, you learn about positive psychology, and why the things you think will make you happy actually don’t. I’m halfway through the course and I’ve learned that it’s better to savor your experiential happiness instead of opting for “stuff”. It also shares different ways to re-wire your brain and combat dreaded social comparisons.

Extended Family
Two big things have happened lately. First, my little sister announced that she was expecting and I’m throwing her a baby shower later this spring. Since the shower will be mostly family, I’ve enlisted my two close cousins who are amazing event planners. The three of us are also planning a big cousins trip at the end of summer to the Canadian Rockies. We’ve been texting way more often, and I love feeling so positively connected to family. I admit, there’s been a lot of work on generational trauma, and I definitely think the cure is finding generational happiness. I also love trip planning, and I finally get to climb a glacier.

Book Club
No Things We Love post would be complete without a quick TBR rundown

Just finished: Lessons in Chemistry and Mother Brain (review post coming next week).
Currently reading: My What-If Year and The Perfectionist’s Guide to Losing Control.
On the docket: Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow.
I also found a copy of Sideways Stories from Wayside School at our library used book sale.

Consignment Find
I also went consigning with Mary and picked up this Mosaic Drill Set. The girls saw one at a birthday party and it was completely time-consuming. They also got this Musical Marble Run from Hape as a gift and they are obsessed with completing all the designs in the kit.

Next week, we’re starting a new blog series on the parenting brain that we’re super excited to share. But that also means we got a lot of work to do….

Have a great weekend!

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