Our Sloomoo Review

I saw an IG post a couple months ago about the Sloomoo Institute. When I forwarded it to Mary, I could feel her immediate squirm. But in the description, they use the magic word: sensory.

So, under their reasoning of blog research, we bought tickets and packed up three kids for a slimy field trip.

The Sloomoo Institute is an immersive, sensory-play experience, integrating ASMR and exploratory activities in multiple slime rooms. Our full experience took about two hours and our kids put up a serious fight when we had to leave. Here are some of our highlights:

1. Everything Tactile

Over the pandemic, I saw a ton of slime videos with ASMR. Once just a kids activity, slime is now also a stress reliever. Sloomoo had eight different slime textures, and you get to make your own slime with the price of admission.

2. Smells

I knew that you could add a scent to the slime, but the variety of the scents was amazing. Yes, the kids loved playing with the peanut butter slime and the birthday cake slime, but they also had Christmas tree, tuberose, and eucalyptus. I dare say the smells almost calmed Mary’s tactile defensiveness.

3. Audio/Visual

The creators definitely knew how to incorporate audio visual in their rooms. In addition to the ASMR, there was a projector room that showed toys filling up the wall space to music, another space with an interactive movement projector, and finally a room with working sound bowls mounted on the ceiling.

4. I feel my heartbeat

A nice touch, for me at least, was a room with heart-rate monitors. You would strap on a monitor to your arm as you played with cloud sand. You could see your heart rate drop as the sand relaxed you and you could visually see your relaxation interpreted on the table screen in front of you. I liked how this brought in the interoception mind-body connection and how sensory processing can affect your whole body. The kids however were just super psyched to play. Their heart rates stayed at an excited 100+ bpm.

5. Proprioception/Visual

In case you were thinking how could kids just play with slime for two hours, know that the whole experience is very active and physical. From a slime slingshot to varying slime resistances to a sticky slime lake and a slime shower, it is a full-body experience. Sloomoo also rates their slimes by different factors: Stretch, pop, drizzle, etc. All of these are fun to touch and manipulate while you figure out which type of slime you want to take home. Bright colors, playing with light and shadow; the whole field trip nailed the entire interactive, multi-sensory experience.

Verdict: Highly Recommend.

We had an awesome time. It was a great experience for our kids (4- and 5-year olds) and they are dying to go again. We would definitely pick this place for a kids’ party or a playdate. They have also have locations in New York and Chicago. Slime play is a great medium for integrating sensory. Go for it!

Check out more photos and video from our Sloomoo Institute field trip on IG and TikTok.

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