Sitting 101

Once your baby starts rolling, their new-found movements will support the next set of motor milestones, like sitting up all by themselves.

How can I tell if my baby hit their sitting milestone?

Although this may seem self-explanatory, there are a few accepted definitions. Sitting independently, as defined in the US, is the ability to maintain an upright, seated position for an extended period of time without support. However, others would say it is when a baby can maneuver themselves into (and out of) an upright sitting position without help.

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Rolling 101

Newborns lead a pretty cushy life once they arrive home. But it’s not too long before your pediatrician tasks them with homework, their first important developmental skill: rolling.

Here’s the quick facts to know.

What is Rolling Over?

Rolling over is the developmental skill of flipping the entire body from one position (back or belly) to the other. It is the first major motor milestone and as parents, we are ecstatic when they do it for the first time.

However, before you can confidently say “My baby can roll”, your newborn should be able to:

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