Family Holiday Traditions: Lost and Found

December signals a time for family traditions, new and old, no matter your background.

A Tradition is defined as the transfer of meaningful customs, rituals, or beliefs passed down from generation to generation.

When you think about familiar holiday traditions, you might picture a big family gathered around a dinner table, a huge Christmas tree dressed to the nines, or a snowy morning where people exchange wrapped gifts with smiles on their faces. But for me, it never quite played out that way.

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The Art of Giving

November seems to be the month where we think of others. Donation drives and asking for wish lists become the season’s norm. But, as much as WE understand the concept of giving to others, do our kids know what it means to be generous to one another?

Generosity is the act of improving another person’s well-being without seeking some form of compensation in return. It’s the sensitivity and empathy we offer others; something we want our kids to experience first-hand.

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