The Secret of Being a Good Father

Some articles are worth the share!

The secret of being a good father“, Sophie Hardach. BBC, June 11, 2019.

As we spotlight the role of fathers in child rearing and development, we came across this article addressing the importance of non-maternal caregivers. This includes fathers, grandparents, same-sex parents, step-parents and single parents. Despite the many articles involving parenting, most research focuses on the mother, with the father-child relationship taking a backseat. 

Now, new research has found that the social network for child-rearing is more complex than previously thought. Here are a few of our favorite highlights from the article:

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The Child(ish) Dad

The Child(ish) Dad Series

We recognize that child-rearing and -raising primarily falls on the mother, leaving a lot of dads on the outside looking in. How can we bring more dads into the fold and actively engage them in the world of child development?

This is the first in a new blog series, showcasing fathers’ perspectives on parenting, child development, and their advice to fellow and future dads. Welcome to the Child(ish) Dad!

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