The Great Red Jolly Conundrum: What to do about Santa Claus?

As much as you try to avoid it, there’s a big cheery man in a red suit around every corner. You can’t escape him. Eventually, our kids are going to ask about him, like who he is, how he can be breaking and entering without getting arrested, or how is it possible to deliver all these presents in one night?

And the biggest question of all: “Is Santa real?”.
Well, Virginia, let’s break this down before we jump to any conclusions.

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Do You Trust Me?: Building Trust with Your Kid

Trust is a necessary foundation in establishing a bond and engaging with another being. It is a safe space between one another that is free from judgment or pain. But, trust doesn’t “just happen”; one’s actions and behaviors help people determine if someone is trustworthy.  As parents, we have a huge influence in how our children develop trust with themselves and others. This assurance is significant to their social, cognitive, and emotional development.

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