Holiday Gift Guide 2022: Things Mary Would Love

Has anyone ever asked you if there is anything you’d like for Christmas and you genuinely go blank?

As a parent around Christmas, I find myself making lists and pre-ordering. It’s a big job discreetly getting wish lists and picking gifts that my family NEEDS, not just WANTS. So when I get asked, it almost looks like a hodge podge of stuff that has been rattling around in my head for months. Well, no shame in that…

Here are some great gifts I would genuinely love to receive:

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Holiday Gift Guide 2022: 4+ years

Kids grow up so fast and the gifting selections out there reflect that as they reach school-age.

For early school-age kids, executive functions are steadily maturing and they can focus and recall information more efficiently. They seek to play with others, continuously refining their social skills and looking for friendly competition.

Honestly, there are so many options out there for this age group that it can be difficult figuring out what gifts are both beneficial to your child’s development (because yes, they’re still growing and learning), and will also be enjoyed for the long haul.

Here’s our top picks for 2022 for 4 and up.

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Holiday Gift Guide 2022: 1-3 years

If there was ever an age range that had so many options, it’s this one.

Why? Because 80% of your child’s brain develops by three years old.

Toddlers have reached many of their developmental milestones, meaning more self-awareness and independence. As they refine their gross motor movements, they are also putting words together to form simple sentences, modeling observed behaviors, and becoming an active participant in their environment.

Quick recap of our handy dandy gift criteria:

  1. Is it cool?
  2. Does it support child development?
  3. What makes it stand out from all the rest?
  4. What do the reviews say, specifically with durability and longevity?

Here’s our toddler recommendations for 2022.

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