Screen Time Revisited

We are definitely aware that too much screen time is bad for our kids. We’re familiar with the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommendations and attempt to follow them, sort of. But if your kid has ever complained about being bored, or if you are in a busy place and your kid is inconsolable, you know that the tablet, smartphone, or TV screen is your trusty go-to remedy.

And then 2020 happened. TV, movies, games, and remote learning were our saving grace from quarantine. Now that our society is re-establishing a new norm, what does this mean for children regarding screen time? Has anything changed?

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What’s Your Parenting Patronus?

How parents raise their children has always been up for speculation and criticism since the post-WWII days of Dr. Spock. His book published in 1946, The Common Sense Book of Baby and Child Care, suggested that parents knew the best way to raise their kids. He even states in the introduction, “You know more than you think you do.” 

He advised that the more care, contact, and consideration a parent invested into their child, the better their child will turn out. How you did it, for the most part, was completely up to you.

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The Non-Traditional Classroom: Your Virtual Learning Setup

School is back in session, and it’s something we’ve been anxious about all summer. Thanks to COVID, we’ve seen a ton of different back-to-school plans and after this past month, we’re starting to see which schools are working and which schools are back to the Zoom drawing board.

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends in-person schooling for children as it provides social interaction, physical activity, and emotional aptitude. Face-to-face school also offers access to a variety of learning supports otherwise limited with online classrooms.

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The Secret of Being a Good Father

Some articles are worth the share!

The secret of being a good father“, Sophie Hardach. BBC, June 11, 2019.

As we spotlight the role of fathers in child rearing and development, we came across this article addressing the importance of non-maternal caregivers. This includes fathers, grandparents, same-sex parents, step-parents and single parents. Despite the many articles involving parenting, most research focuses on the mother, with the father-child relationship taking a backseat. 

Now, new research has found that the social network for child-rearing is more complex than previously thought. Here are a few of our favorite highlights from the article:

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